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13 Jun 2024

Discover the Latest and Greatest Tableware Trends

Discover the Latest and Greatest Tableware Trends

Tableware presents an incredible opportunity to infuse creative flair into your restaurant’s aesthetic, cement your brand identity and augment the multi-sensory experience of dining. From timeless white in classic shapes to heritage-inspired prints with bright colours, the trends gracing tables across the world are beautifully diverse. We’ve highlighted a few of the key trends you’ll be seeing this year and beyond.

Artisanal & Handcrafted

The appeal of handcrafted tableware lies in the subtle variances and inconsistencies that create a sense of uniqueness. A contrast to the notion of mass-produced crockery, this style feels bespoke with every piece displaying its own character.

Bold Colours & Patterns

Bold colours and patterns immediately create a visual vibrance and feeling of celebration, and fun. Patterns are opposing and colours are contrasting – the ability to mix and match is endless. Adding to the immersive dining experience, colour palettes and prints can evoke the country from which the cuisine is derived – from Hawaiian Aloha to West African Kente. This trend also enables businesses to create an exclusive custom print that extends the brand identity across all touchpoints.

Natural & Eco-conscious

As sustainability becomes a key consideration for consumers, awareness about eco-friendly materials, locally sourced items, repurposing and reusing, and waste minimisation is greater than ever. Natural materials take centre stage including, the ever-popular ceramics, terracotta, bamboo, recycled glass and plant-based bioplastics. This tableware trend complements farm-to-table, zero waste, rustic and sustainably sourced dining concepts.

Artistic & Functional

Functionality at the front and back of house is paramount. Is it durable, does it wash properly and store easily? Does it fit neatly on the table, suit the food and make consuming it seamless? Fulfilling these criteria whilst still offering visual appeal is the sweet spot when choosing tableware for your establishment. With smart materials, design and production, the coexistence of functionality and artistry is an ever-green trend.

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