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  • 3 - 5 NOVEMBER  2020

Fimar S.P.A.

Fimar S.P.A.

Hall: SSH1 Stand: S1-C41

Fimar Spa was established on 1979 as a small company producing food processing machinery.

It is constantly growing and, year per year, it studies new features for its wide range of machines to satisfy all needs of its customers (big and small restaurants, bars, fast food, etc.) that look for efficient, advantages and machines always updated for their work.

Fimar has 40 years experience and has more than 20,000 square meters of warehouse.

Fimar has expanded worldwide his market and today it has customers in over 100 countries.

Fimar is considered one of the global leaders in food processing equipments and solution for restaurant and hospitality.

Today it has 5 brands and each brand is specialized in a different machines for Fimar, Easyline, Forcar Multiservice, Forcar Refrigeration and Forcold.

Technological research, constant attention to market demand, experience and capacity to apply these demands to the production of new machines have led the company to achieve exciting goals which are the building blocks of FIMAR's development of new ideas and new models.


Via Pertini, 29
Villa Verucchio (RN)


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  • BERTA IS THE REVOLUTIONARY KNEADING MACHINE PATENTED BY FIMAR IDEAL FOR ALL LEAVENED PRODUCTS. It has a coated casing with scratchproof paint, bowl, tool and grilled lid are made in stainless steel AI ...
  • New line of professional refrigerators, built in China under our direct control, essential line, extra competitive price, full availability in our Italian Stock.
  • Forcar Multiservice: stainless steel trolleys, wooden trolleys, buffet trolleys, furniture, kitchen ware, hotel ware, pizza ware, housekeeping trolley, made in Italy in our Factory or importe ...
  • Snack bar machines, built in China under our direct control, modified to satisfy Fimar quality standard, ready in stock with fast delivery with all the spares parts.  
  • Quality food processing equipment since 1979 ( made in Italy in our factory)
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