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Food Safety and Availability During the current crisis

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is working in many ways to help keep people safe while the nation is coping with the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Food availability and food safety are vitally important to our well-being, and the FDA is working hard to help ensure the foods you, your family, and your pets eat are safe and available.

Here are three things to know about food availability and safety as the nation copes with the pandemic:

Is the U.S. food supply safe? 

Are there any food shortages?  

What measures is the government taking to ensure that we remain able to address foodborne illness outbreaks during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Compact kitchens

As food businesses around the world look to increase profitability, one method is by dedicating more space to front-of-house dining covers where higher revenues can be achieved. This has created a growing market for productive yet compact back-of-house equipment that justifies every inch of cooking and prep space. These small-scale solutions are also essential for growing the numbers of pop-up restaurants and food trucks on the scene, where limited space comes with the territory.

Smart Cooking

Foodtech solutions designed to assist chefs in the kitchen are snowballing on the scene, with recent examples including QR coded recipes being embedded into bakeware and smart cooking apps that enable restaurants to digitally tailor their recipes based on a broad range of variables. These include available ingredients (to minimize food waste) specific nutrients (to promote dietary benefits) trending flavours (to attract customers) and other specialist requirements such as catering for customer food allergies and intolerance. 

Streamlined Spaces

LED lighting that allows kitchen staff to easily recognise the browning level of food from a distance without opening the oven is part of a growing trend towards enhanced kitchen aesthetics. This is being driven by an increasing number of outlets where kitchens are exposed as an ambient feature for on looking guests.

Food Smoking

As customers demand a wider variety of menu choices, hot and cold food smoking across a range of categories (not just meat) continues to grow in demand. Smoking introduces diners to more adventurous types of cuisine - be it cuts of meat, types of vegetables or social media friendly dessert formats, offering a novelty value that stands out against run-of-the-mill fried or roasted options on your menu.


Middle Eastern Flavours and Formats

As street food and on-the-go convenience food continues to reflect a certain ‘avant-garde’ mood amongst consumers, Doner kebabs, shawarmas and gyros are on the industry’s radar as a food trend of the moment. These traditional Middle Eastern and European dietary staples can be seen inspiring new restaurant openings across the United States, Canada and further afield. Look out for vegan and phosphate-free varieties that are currently growing in popularity among health-conscious consumers.

Natural and Organic Tableware

According to trend forecasters WGSN, nature continues to be a key influence for tableware patterns, textures and materials in 2018. This 'au naturel' vibe of the moment includes anything that looks like it could have been handcrafted, from uneven contours and imperfect finishes to stone washing and wood, both natural and mock.


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