ICCA Electrolux World Chefs Education in partnership with World Association of Chefs Societies – welcoming senior level chefs to discover the latest cutting edge solutions designed to reduce kitchen stress levels, increase productivity and enhance food quality

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Day 1 – 18th September: Championing the Changed Kitchen

Sessions 1 & 2 “Can you Taste Stress”

There has never been a more exciting time to be a chef. As consumers become more discerning, the pressure to keep inventing and delivering is mounting.

The Focus

We believe that operations in professional kitchens do not have to be this stressful. Great food can be created through leaner, healthier, and more profitable working operations in the kitchen.

This workshop questions the growing culture of negative stress in the kitchen and provides the latest industry insights and methods to ensure a healthy cooking environment that is truly sustainable.

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Day 2 – 19th September: Manage Waste & Food Costs for the Better

Session 1 – Cook & Chill: food costs and how to manage them:

In this educational session, the Electrolux Chef Academy team will demonstrate the latest smart tech cooking techniques and practices designed to reduce food costs for greater profitability.

Session 2  “Zero Waste – All Taste”

Nearly 1.3 billion tons of food is being wasted every year, but there are ways to turn this around. From using low cost ingredients to create great-tasting cuisine, to establishing better storage and preservative methods, Electrolux Professional will direct this interactive workshop that centers around the topical subject of food waste reduction.

Find out:

  • How a gourmet menu can incorporate basic, healthy, low cost produce that is easily available
  • How to increase profitability through in-depth food cost analysis and share responsibility through staff training.

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Day 3 – 20th September: Innovation & Food Technology


Session 1 The Chemistry of Smoking

This active culinary session is dedicated to the art of smoking food.

  • Discover the secrets behind this ancient and resurgent art of flavouring, tenderising and preserving meat.
  • Build on and update your range of skills and techniques relating to food smoking.

Session 2 “SpeeDelight: Speed, Delight and Usability for a Versatile Kitchen”

Fast cooking has never been easier thanks to Electrolux Professional’s latest innovation – the SpeeDelight. This unique, high-speed cooking solution is ideal for busy food outlets including bars, cafes, restaurants, staff canteens and catering industries.

  • Witness chef-worthy snacks being created using threefold cooking technology
  • Say goodbye to below-par snacks like sandwiches that are overly flattened or not crispy enough

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