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Tarek Alameddine

Tarek Alameddine

SACHI CAIRO n.5 MENA's 50 Best, Culinary Director at Baky Hospitality Egypt
As a nation that loves to eat, we hold food and the gatherings around the dining table close to our hearts. The richness and the variety found in the Levant cuisine fueled my ultimate passion for cooking. I enrolled at Les Roches and received a degree with merit, and upon my graduation interned at D.O.M, Brazil. The idea of using authentic local flavor to create a new contemporary gastronomic experience was captivating. During my work as a Sous chef at Noma, I focused on researching old levant techniques and ingredients that could be introduced to the dishes we serve. I believe that Levantine flavors and seasonal produce should be celebrated in the fine dining scene. In the process of creating dishes and designing menus, the ingredients I use should be in season, wildly foraged, and in synchronization with the time and place