Frank Wagner

Frank Wagner

President, FCSI EAME

Frank Wagner, President of FCSI EAME and Managing Partner of KDREI Planungsgesellschaft, based in Berlin. He has been planning kitchens for hotels, canteens, restaurants of all sizes, shopping malls and market halls for more than 30 years. His experience in concept development for gastronomic operations is in demand internationally, from Mallorca to Mongolia, from Dubai to Nairobi to Johnnesburg. Frank Wagner studied food technology at the Humboldt University in Berlin, graduating as a graduate engineer. The president of FCSI Germany-Austria e.V. is, among other things, co-author of "Professional Kitchens", which is sold in more than 45 countries.

Frank is a man who prefers to look forward, not back. He’s perhaps more comfortable discussing the future – for his company and the industry he clearly loves – rather than dwelling nostalgically on his past achievements, and indeed, life. But it’s a fascinating past, even if Wagner spent much of his youth dreaming and reading about alternate realities.

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