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GulfHost Innovation Awards

Judging Panel


GulfHost Innovation Awards


The GulfHost Innovation Awards recognise the standout progressive technologies that are shaping the future of hospitality equipment solutions in the MENA region. An independent judging panel is managed by Strategic Partner the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA).


In 2018 GulfHost Innovation accolades were awarded across the following categories:

Each of these Awards is presented to an organization or company that shows innovation and excellence in the development, marketing and launch of a new item of equipment. The Awards  recognize an organization or company that has introduced a new idea, method or technology, process or application of commercial significance and/or benefit to the food and beverage industry.

Entering is easy and free by simply providing the following:

  • A description of your equipment solution 
  • A summary of the impact it has had on the marketplace
  • Some evidence of client satisfaction
  • An overview of related marketing and PR communications

The GulfHost Innovation Awards is exclusively for the GulfHost exhibitors. Interested exhibitors can submit their nominations via the Exhibitor Zone (E-zone).


Idea Smartest Innovation (Smart tech back of house)


Refers to any equipment/supplies that are automated, adding high-tech convenience to the commercial kitchen space. Entries may possess one or more of a range of assets such as assisting waste reduction/waste sorting, allowing users to measure and monitor the cooking process, offering self-cleaning technology, enabling healthier/tailored cooking results, enabling automatic shut-off to prevent risk of fire. Essentially saving energy, water and/or other resources.

May include but not restricted to: smart dishwashers, smart refrigerators, smart ovens, thermometers and smart scales, smart cookware and cooktops, and others such as smart coffee makers and kettles.

> Integration of technology   

> Internet of Things – from coffee makers to ovens

> Programmable equipment for more automated cooking processes

> Conserve energy or water


Best Quick Serve Innovation  Best Quick Serve Innovation  


Refers to any front or back of house appliance that facilitates fast casual/café quick-serve food output. The emphasis is on time-saving quick turnaround solutions, therefore entrants should aim to highlight any labour and/or time-saving features that can facilitate increasingly popular quick service F&B formats.

May include but not restricted to: vegetable slicers, Cutters, Varimixers, Hand mixers, Vacuum packing machines, Washing and peeling machines, Slicing machines, Kettles, Rice cooker, Pressure cookers, Ovens, Holding cabinets and drawers, Ranges, Drop-in induction appliances, Bratt pans, VarioCooking Center, Pasta cookers, Restaurant equipment, Griddles, Grills, Sausage steamers, Fryers tabletop, Fryers free standing, Fry holding station, Merchandising warmer, Pizza glass displays, Sushi equipment, Salamanders and toasters, Circulators


Best Display Innovation - Best Display Innovation

Refers to front of house serving equipment including portable products, tableware, cutlery ancillary equipment, tabletop equipment, Porcelain / Earthenware/ Chinaware, Glassware / Crystalware, trolleys, serveware or serving tools.

> Elevated tableware and servingware that up the aesthetic for a trendier customer base

> Innovative Design

> Ergonomic, lightweight or cleverly designed equipment

> Demonstration of innovation and creativity of the product


Best Coffee Innovation Best Coffee Innovation   

Refers to any coffee machinery or accessories such as Coffee Beans, Coffee Roasters, Coffee Machines, Roasters, Brewing, Espresso and Roasting Equipment.

> Better Technology

> Coffee dispensers and barware that enable specialty beverage trends

> Internet of Things

> Equipment and supplies that greatly reduce time spent on cleaning and maintenance

> Ergonomics



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