As preparations for the GulfHost Restaurant Development Conference get underway, GulfHost speaks to Sunjeh Raja

Chief Executive Officer at International Centre for Culinary Arts Dubai

Cultural Influences

“Dubai is a truly international and diverse place that welcomes all nationalities & cultures. Due to its perfect positioning at the global crossroads between the East & West, Dubai has always been open to influences from the region and also the world, especially in recent times, making it a melting pot of different cultures & cuisines.

With flavours coming from all over the world, and taking into account the rapid growth in the food industry, which attracts homegrown experts & masters, the diversity of culinary talent here is second to none in the World.”


“With nearly 10,000 restaurants in place and this number continuing to grow, Dubai’s culinary scene is unparalleled. The industry is setting impeccably high standards, including greater diversity and more focus on new trends & unique concepts.  Together these factors have resulted in increased competition and higher customer expectations. These are all clear signs of maturity in the industry today, and are fast becoming the norm as we approach Dubai World Expo 2020.”

“Food outlets should focus on improving their offerings, quality, consistency & standards. More importantly, they need to be consumer-driven, whilst providing excellent service and value for money.

The industry here is vast and extremely competitive. Every day we have a new opening on the block.  It is important to get a clear understanding of the industry, with long term plans and well-thought strategies that will not only lead to success but also help sustain it.”

Why I’m attending Dubai International Hospitality Week
on 18 – 20 September 2017

“Dubai International Hospitality Week is a great opportunity for exposure and learning for every professional in the regional Hospitality industry. It is a week that will showcase the A-Z of hospitality solutions for the first time ever.

Furthermore the International Center for Culinary Arts in Dubai will be powering GulfHost’s Restaurant Development Conference being hosted in conjunction with the Middle East Food Forum on 18-20 September. This educational programme is a culmination of all the major challenges and opportunities we witness as global leaders in hospitality excellence.

From entering new markets and establishing your brand to identifying what makes a good menu and finding ways to build and retain a successful team, this open-door learning platform will offer practical, topical and invaluable insights that get to the heart of what it takes to stay agile in this competitive industry.

As GulfHost comes at a time when the industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and challenges across the region, its influence and value are more than relevant.”

Sunjeh Raja will be present at GulfHost’s Restaurant Development Conference
on 18-20 September 2017.

Free registration for the GulfHost Restaurant Development Conference will be open online soon. Free Tickets for 3 full days of events running at Dubai International Hospitality Week are available now. Register for your free ticket here.