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What makes food shareable on social media?

As our thrice daily life fuel and something we all look forward to, it is perhaps no surprise that food is among the most posted content on the internet. Almost every customer through your door now comes armed with a phone camera at their fingertips, a raft of social followers and a willingness to remind them all what a good meal looks like when they get the chance. And whilst aiming for shareworthy perfection on every restaurant cover might put your chef under pressure, it also opens up major opportunities for exposure when he gets it right.


Staying ahead of seasonal trends


Gavin Dodd, Managing Director of front of house suppliers A. Ronai LLC believes hospitality professionals need to stay attuned with consumer trends in order to remain relevant in a market that is positively brimming with alternative dining options.  

“The most discerning chefs and restaurateurs are aware of new trends and normally add their own twist of creativity to what is happening on the global stage.  As suppliers, we anticipate those requirements by working with international partners to identify the latest and most on-trend products.”

Using colour and texture to your advantage

As progressive chefs come to understand the value of distinctive tableware as a vessel for their creative, social media friendly cuisine, a plethora of pretty plates can be seen arriving on the market. While traditional white varieties remain the backdrop of choice in certain fine dining spots, growing numbers of outlets can be seen investing in unique and contemporary tabletops that make a powerful brand statement.

Andrew Klimecki, Vice President of Design at Steelite has witnessed the change first-hand;

“Personalisation is a huge trend in the eating-out market and it’s making its mark on tableware, too. Consumers don’t want to see their starter served on the same tableware as the table opposite, so restaurants are customising by purchasing several ranges to create an eclectic style that is unique to their brand. We frequently produce Steelite ranges for restaurants by request in custom colour hues or patterns, including logos.”

Food sharing

See the latest trends in one place


At GulfHost 2018, A Ronai, Steelite and many more will be showcasing their personal take on what’s hot in restaurant dining, from the latest black and champagne-hued flatware to natural and organic tableware that remains to be a key influence in 2018.

Row & Sons by A Ronai specialize in bespoke and custom made wood, including contemporary display boards and sharing platters that can be fully customized with your brand logo or company name - ensuring your outlet always takes the credit when your chef’s hard work is snapped.

Spanish brand and recent portfolio addition Comas will also be brought to Dubai by A Ronai, showcasing distinctive cutlery ranges in copper, gold and black to provide a noticeable alternative to the standard stainless steel options that have previously swamped the market.

Discussing your requirements in person

As country-style, rustic, dark, retro, iridescent and earthen tones are all said to be hitting the mark in tableware for the year ahead, the specific combinations and materials that are best for your outlet can be identified by visiting GulfHost 2018. Speak with the A Ronai team at about your individual style and usage requirements at Stand S3-C1 on 30 Oct- 1 Nov 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Get your Free Ticket here and request a direct meeting through the GulfHost Business Matchmaking portal today.


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