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Ripples - UNITAC – Stand No. S1-210

Perfect coffee moments made personal

Put your coffee shop brand at the heart of the moment with a personalized coffee art printer by Ripples.  This wifi-enabled technology is by no means the first on the market, however its runaway success is said to be driven by two distinct benefits;

1) It prints on coffee with coffee to ensure an authentic artisan taste (unlike some ink-based printers on the market)

2) The latest model can be used not just on coffee but also on a range of mocktails and other grown up specialty drinks that represent lucrative market share within the growing café & counter segment.

How does it work?

Designs can be selected either from the machine itself or uploaded with the Coffee Ripples App so that in around 10 seconds flat, et voila; the chosen image is printed atop your customer’s coffee foam.

It may come as no surprise that this forward thinking company is also in the process of integrating Chatbot, enabling personalized imagery to be sent through Facebook messenger and added to drinks instantly upon ordering.

Yossi Meshulan, CEO of Ripples explains:

“We started Ripples with the idea that a drink could serve as a communication platform. Guests want to share it with their friends, family and followers on social media. This becomes a great way for our customers to enjoy authentic user-generated content that builds their brand and creates meaningful differentiation. Moreover, we find that drinkers’ first Ripples experience creates a sense of anticipation for the drinks that follow the first one. This interaction further deepens customers’ engagement and enhances their guest experience.”



Meet the team and see how it works

If your company is interested in serving up personalized brews using award winning patented technology, visit Ripples at UNITAC – stand No. S1-210 to keep die-hard coffee aficionados on-side.

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