06 - 08 April 2020    Dubai World Trade Centre

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Key Conference Take Aways Day 1

Shared during the 30 November 2018 panel session:
UAE – A case of oversupply! Is there still a Market?

  1. The under 200 Dirham dine out experience is in demand
  2. People don’t want fine dining in Dubai anymore they want experiential dining
  3. There are 10 high-end restaurants in Dubai that will continue to do good business. Go there at your own risk though, the start-up costs are considerable
  4. Many high-end outlets close not because the concept was bad but because the financial investment ceased
  5. You might close more outlets than you open and that’s okay. It’s about ‘cutting your tail’ and going where the customers are – which won’t be the same as it was 10 years ago
UAE Foodservice oversupply and counter arguments, GulfHost Restaurant Development Conference
9)	When it comes to food, customers continue to seek health, vegan, trust and choice . GulfHost Restaurant Development Conference
  • The open kitchen concept is still growing. Customers what to see everything
  • It’s not just about over supply. Operators need to understand the trends. Don’t sit and complain that the competition is too bad if you aren’t adapting your offering
  • We need to improve our knowledge of Blockchain and AI in order to be successful. We’re not in the food business. We’re in the technology business serving food
  • When it comes to food, customers continue to seek health, vegan, trust and choice
  • If you’re only just starting to serve vegan and flexitarian food now you’re already too late

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