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Hygiene: A restaurant manager’s single greatest concern

It is said that all great chefs start their careers in a position of great responsibility. And that involves a spray gun and plenty of elbow grease. Because no matter how good your food is, that $50 dollar appetizer will soon be on its way back to the kitchen if your tableware is anything less than gleaming - which explains why your dishwashing facility is up there as one of your biggest and most crucial back of house investments.

Kitchen - Hobart


Why it pays to invest wisely


Allied Market Research report that Warewashing equipment accounted for more than 15% of all Foodservice equipment market share globally in 2017. That’s on a par with all F&B preparation equipment combined and is almost double that of serving equipment.

Commercial equipment maintenance specialists Mendr explain “If your dishwasher is running less efficiently, this can lead to the entire restaurant slowing down. As your customer service is ultimately the mark of your restaurant, it will dictate whether or not people return.”

Put that way, it pays to invest wisely, not only in the interests of speed but also because your dishwasher is one of the most energy-guzzling units within your whole operation.

Choosing a model that will pay for itself


Fortunately, Warewashing market leaders Hobart will be showcasing their cult solutions at GulfHost in Dubai this Autumn, so MENA food professionals get the chance to discuss all possibilities firsthand.

World-renowned for built-in longevity measures, Hobart states that their leading-edge technology saves so much energy and water that it has the potential to literally pay for itself within a few years, dependent on volume.

Phil Beauvais, Market Manager at Hobart Canada explains “Features like Drain Water Energy Recovery and Automatic Soil Removal have been developed to speed up the processing of dirty ware using fewer resources. Drain Water Energy Recovery reclaims heat from hot water that would typically go down the drain. The reclaimed heat is transferred to the cold water prior to it entering the booster heater, preheating it and reducing hot water usage by up to 90 per cent.”


Choosing a model that is right for your outlet

Hobart - PROFI FXL v2

Within Hobart’s GulfHost showcase lineup is their FX model with alternative specs for restaurants, bistros and café’s versus bakers, butchers and fast-food outlets (with the latter group relying more heavily on the use of trays), as well as their AMX Hood Type which is said to be particularly easy to operate while constantly measuring the quality of the wash water and keeping the amount of rinsing needed in each rinse cycle to a minimum.

Discussing your requirements in person

As with all big investments, it pays to do your research. Seek out knowledge and benchmarking clarity that could save you significant amounts of time and money by visiting GulfHost 2018. Here you can speak with the Hobart team about your outlet’s individual requirements in person at Stand S2-C40 on 30 Oct- 1 Nov 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Get your Free Ticket here and request a direct meeting through the GulfHost Business Matchmaking portal today.

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