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Coffee – A Changing Landscape

As Gen Y’s and Millennials seek out-of-home coffee experiences that deliver on quality and personalization, gourmet coffee has grown to represent the lion’s share of daily consumption in 2018. For the first time in the National Coffee Association’s 67 year reporting history, standard non-specialty brews have dipped to below half, accounting for just 41% of United States total volume. This means today’s core demographic consumers are overlooking mass produced, vacuum packed formats in favour of traceable, high quality beans prepared in adventurous and alternative ways.

As a reflection, commercial brewing equipment and professional coffee machine sales can be seen going skyward as Foodservice owners invest in the coffee experience as a prime footfall generator for the future. GulfHost coffee equipment and ingredient suppliers have recently hiked by 30% (and counting), so here we take a look at some recent showcase highlights.



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Taryam Omran Holding

One team who knows a thing or two about turning coffee into a luxurious experience is Taryam Omran Holding who will be showcasing prestigious Japanese brand Kinto exclusively at GulfHost 2018.

Kinto’s contemporary brewing and preparation tools utilize minimalist materials such as stylish glass and distinctive stainless steel, creating an effortless pour with absolutely no paper filters in sight. Superior quality finishes enable more oils to remain within the finished coffee product, resulting in a richer and more intense flavor brought about through an unhurried drip-by-drip preparation process.  This adds what is described as a ‘zen like’ quality to coffee making, which represents another clear selling point for outlets who treat the brewing interval as an experience in itself.



Having earnt their stripes as a market leading supplier of commercial coffee products the world over, BUNN understand the importance of capitalizing on the latest café trends. Seeing cold brew coffee go from independent coffee shop novelty to mainstream stalwart in a short space of time, this thought-leading equipment company is proud to be showcasing their crowd-pleasing NITRON Cold Draft Countertop dispenser at GulfHost 2018.

Capable of producing a 16oz drink every minute, the patented dispenser with cascading micro-bubbles empowers coffee outlets to serve instant cold brew, nitro coffee, iced coffee and iced tea offerings from one single space saving unit. Producing up to 33 gallons of finished drinks with very little gas, this nifty machine is your in-road to high net income specialty audiences overnight.

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