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Market Leaders Recommend - Middleby

Speaking on behalf of worldwide pizza conglomerate Papa Johns, Founder and Chairman “Papa” John Schnatter, is a firm believer that their choice of cooking equipment continues to save them dividends;

“Middleby ovens save us hundreds of dollars in each of our more than 3,000 restaurants around the world.”

Hailed as the most innovative company occupying their space, The Middleby Corporation has again been named among the world’s Top Ten Foodservice equipment suppliers in 2018, with customers including everyone from McDonalds, Burger King and Taco Bell to Starbucks, Olive Garden and Kraft.

Fast food

Operating costs that measure up


Promoting their products as the most energy efficient in the world, the US heavyweights will be bringing their latest and biggest selling units to visitors at GufHost in Dubai this year.

One much talked about showcase is the TurboChef Sota, known to its devotees as the most energy efficient speed cook oven on the market. This compact, space saving unit consumes just half the energy of a standard fast-cook oven, enabling restaurants to rapidly serve up their signature products at a reported $1.42 operating cost per day!

Also newly introduced to the Middle Eastern market is Houno’s combi oven. With the option of operating to full capacity without a boiler, it has become the market’s new energy saving combi oven.

Freeing up precious kitchen inches

Alongside these energy saving credentials, the Turbo Chef is also getting the attention of thrifty food businesses looking to dedicate more square meters to front-of-house dining covers by reducing space in the kitchen. At only 16 inches wide, the TurboChef Sota maximizes space where it is needed most, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing enough to be used as a front of house quick-serve solution as required. These practical features are essential for growing numbers of pop-ups and food trucks that are snowballing on the scene as well as for mainstream outlets looking to increase their profitability.


Bring nature inside

Garden oven

As plants steadily move front and centre of the dinner plate, contemporary restaurants can be seen experimenting with microgreens as a way to evoke diners’ senses through flavour, fragrance, feel and presentation.  Middleby’s GardenChef by Carter Hoffman is a ‘kitchen to table’ growing cabinet that enables you to pick and serve your greens immediately for unrivalled freshness.  As well as being good for the environment, this commitment to innovation and nutrition can be showcased in full view of on looking guests via an attractive glass-walled vessel that creates a talking point within your open kitchen environment. As more consumers seek to understand where their food is coming from and immerse themselves in the experience, the GardenChef is a popular investment for businesses seeking to catch the eyes, hearts and taste buds of today’s more adventurous customers, especially Millennials.

Serving food 3 ways at once

With space clearly at a premium in today’s competitive market, many outlets are opting to utilize Combination Ovens that fulfil various cooking techniques in one single unit. Boasting all the same features as a standard sized version, Middleby’s Houno CombiSlim provides the ultimate space maximizing technology for small-scale or increasingly relevant satellite kitchens. Measuring only 20 inches wide it is widely regarded as the go-to solution for outlets that are tasked with baking bread, roasting meat, steaming vegetables and preparing everything in between simultaneously.


Meeting your competition head-on

Not content with providing equipment solutions to a third of the world’s restaurants and counting, Middleby Corporation is keen to assist the growing numbers of outlets doing business across the highly competitive Middle East market.  To find out exactly how Middleby solutions could be lowering your outgoings and enhancing your customer experience, visit at Stand S3-A1 at GulfHost in Dubai on 30 Oct – 1 Nov 2018. Get your Free Ticket here and request a direct meeting through the GulfHost Business Matchmaking portal today.

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