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Culinary Arts Commission: Revolutionizing the F&B Sector

08 Nov 2022
Za'abeel Hall 3
Food Service Excellence Summit

A segment that will explore the various ways the Culinary Arts Commission in Saudi Arabia works towards developing the F&B sector to create an attractive environment for investors and provide efficient support for existing players.

Talking points:

  • Utilize Saudi’s cultural gems to highlight it as our main competitive advantage. Culinary Tours for chefs and tourists giving a taste of what Saudi has to offer and to help build new concepts. 

  • Codifying 9 regions resulted in having and archiving 700 elements that is purely Saudi, which we intend in promoting it domestically and worldwide in the purpose of having Saudi Arabia as a Culinary Ambassador within the culinary international map.

  • Gastrodiplomacy: growth and success in international presence for home grown concepts to single the potential growth of investment in Saudi F&B sector.

  • Support local institutes to provide scholarships to enable students to enroll and receive professional culinary training, Incubators for the culinary sector building local concepts and connecting investors with those projects. This will develop local talents in the culinary sector and improve the overall value chain.

Mayada Badr, CEO - Culinary Arts Commission