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Joao Rodrigues Pereira Sa (Joper)

Hall: Za'abeel Hall 2 Stand: Z2-C28
  • Cafe & Counter
  • Roasters, Brewing, Espresso and Roasting Equipment
We have the BSR models, its “KIT” version and also the BPR models (Base Profile Roasters) with BRIGUS - Roasting Profile System, both lines with a capacity of 1 to 25 kg per batch of green coffee. The burner can be easily controlled through a manual gas valve on the roaster control panel that is regulated from 10 to 100%. The "KIT" version is equipped with 2 variators to control the drum speed and roaster fan speed with potentiometers in the control panel, an analogue gauge to measure the gas pressure in the burner and it is also prepared for the software Cropster or Artisan. The BPR models include the BRIGUS Roast Profile which allows you to control the roaster and the preselected roast profile, it automatically controls the gas pressure, the speed of the roaster fan and automatically adjusts these two parameters to follow the curve of the bean. The burner is controlled manually through a modulator valve on the touch screen or in automatic mode via the PLC when connected to the BRIGUS Roast Profile Software, and it will follow the predefined profile. We have also the new BPR 25 AUTO, fully automatic, only available for 25kg. We have industrial roasters from 30 kg to 240 kg per batch. In all industrial roaster models the roasting process is made by a hot air produced by a powerful burner installed in the roaster oven, the flame never touches the drum as it is horizontal. The roasting process is 70% hot air and 30% heat transfer. The drum has double wall, it is not perforated and it is made in cast iron. Our CRS and CRA models are equipped with our Roasting Profile Software – BRIGUS, the CRM roaster models can be prepared to use Cropster or Artisan,


Rua Juiz Margarido Pacheco, 165


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