Camper Gaz S.A.

Hall: Za'abeel Hall 2 Stand: Z2-C76
We are a family owned Greek company specializing in the manufacture of small gas appliances and gas cartridges. We hold a leading position in both the Greek and world market as manufacturers of both own branded and private label products, our clients being among the largest supermarket chains and companies active in the gas industry. We are the only company in the world with vertical production units for both cartridges and small gas appliances. We are committed to excellent quality and maximum safety of all our products. Our quality control throughout the production process and our modern machines ensure a zero number of defective products. In this way, and with our active participation in recycling programs (for all raw material residues), we eliminate any environmental burden from our operation. We stand out because Camper Gaz S.A. is the only company in the gas industry worldwide that produces all of its products put on the market: from gas cartridges and safety valves to domestic and professional hobs and gas cookers. Vertical productions at our facilities are divided into 3 main areas: Manufacture of LPG cartridges We manufacture most LPG cartridges worldwide and we are the most specialized company in any type of cartridges such as 190g cartridges with or without internal leak limiter, 230g cartridges with safety valve, 300g cartridges with safety valve, 450g cartridges with safety valve, 500g cartridges with or without internal leak limiter, 500g cartridges with safety valve and 227 g cartridges with bayonet valve. Our production follows automated procedures and rigorous quality controls throughout. Manufacture of LPG Appliances We produce every type of gas appliance and small appliance, such as backpacking stoves, lanterns, blowtorches, desktop domestic or professional gas hobs, covering most consumer needs both inside and outside home.



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