Brewvend Automatic Vending Machines LLC

Hall: Arena Plaza 2 Stand: AP-20
We are “BrewVend” , a full-service ,futuristic F&B technology & product firm specialized in providing AI based cocktail and mocktail vending, IOT based food and drink automation solutions across globally. BrewVend is recognized as a “ Top 10 innovative vending technology startup 2022” by Industry Outlook. At BrewVend, we strongly believe technology and AI has a major role in shaping individual’s food and beverage experience as we move forward. Hence, we are specializing ourselves in solving some of these inconveniences more practically through trusted solutions from our innovative futuristic products & technology that are indigenously developed from our R&D studio in India and our partners facility in Europe. Our mission is to help our friends in the beverage industry across the globe to upgrade, modernize, streamline and optimize their operations, yet provide some interactive guest experiences in the beverage dispensing arena. Brewmac is an AI enabled Smart Cocktail ,Mocktail and Drinks dispenser and bartending solutions, that uses IOT and advanced machine learning algorithms to solve complex drink dispensing and mixing techniques. It is a breakthrough technology innovation from us, inspired from extensive research and development to solve the most common bartending problems. The core technology , functionality & AI behind Brewmac's operation can be customized as a solution to suit any level of bar and drinks automation operations. Brewmac is the first commercial bartending solution purpose build for managing & optimizing back bar operations by creating a harmonious working relation with the human bartender. BrewVend creates business models in an innovative and creative way that benefits the investors and the customers alike. Brewvend partnered with industry leaders " Yanu " ,a fully autonomous bartending robot & Pudu Robotics for service and delivery robot partnership. Watch us Live at the ROBOMIX - smart bar kiosk at the Gulf Host.



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