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Precision Goes Japanese at Dinings SW3

Precision Refrigeration Ltd. Hall: Za'abeel Hall 1 Stand: Z1-B28
The ingredients used in the Dinings requires them to be at the perfect temperature. Whilst the kitchen boasts a variety of refrigeration equipment, Raymond’s “most favourite one is the Precision dry age fridge which we use for meat and fish but particularly on the meat side because it can create different bacterias.” The meat ageing units’ temperature can be accurately set from +1°C and 4°C with humidity between 70-90%. Himalayan Rock Salt is supplied to enhance flavour, and to optimise humidity regulation. When Raymond spoke with Adam Doffman from Commercial Catering Contracts, “the Precision fridges and dry ager units were our best options for our purpose.” The meat ageing unit is supplied with three perforated, stainless steel shelves and a meat hanging rail; Raymond says they can fit “6-7 different types of joints of meat in there.” The stainless steel construction of the unit provides not just a hygienic solution, but a professional look that can used back or front of house as the perfect meat ageing and sales tool. Precision were excited to learn that the dry ageing unit at the Dinings SW3 has been the home to a 7.5kg halibut which ages the fish and creates a beautiful flavour within their cooking. “The fish needs to be super clean and super dry or you’ll ruin the whole purpose of the dry age fridge,” explains Raymond. The fish must be cleaned thoroughly so as to not contaminate the fridge and to allow the good bacteria to age it. It’s wonderful to learn how chefs adapt our units for their needs. “I would really recommend Precision fridges for all your purposes. In the restaurant industry, it’s going to make you from zero to ten within no time.”