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Meet Bodum’s newest outdoor dining solution

4homes FZCO Hall: Zaabel Hall 1 Stand: Z1-E40
Designed especially for outdoor use, Bodum’s outdoor double walled tumblers are a stylish addition to your barbeque and picnic equipment. Crystal clear to the eye and lightweight to the touch, they offer the beauty and clarity of glass, without its fragility. These innovative double wall tumblers are made from an extremely durable, BPA-free material, making them virtually strong drinking glasses. So they’re perfect for poolside drinks, barbecues with your family and friends, and picnics in the park. And you won’t need to worry about your children getting hurt if they drop them. Despite being virtually impossible to break, they look smashing! Their double-wall design has a floating effect on your favorite beverage, giving them a chic appearance, and the material won’t cloud or discolor, no matter how often you use them.