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Meat Agers - Fagor Professional

Fagor Industrial S. Coop / Fagor Professional Hall: Za'abeel Hall 2 Stand: Z2-B51
Dry aging cabinets Rising product’s value Meat-Ager Meat, cheese or salami dry aging is a process that provides added value to the product. This is obtained by keeping these foods in very precise set of conditions of cold, humidity and ventilation for a certain amnount of time. During meat maduration, as an example, meat is evolving, softening its texture while it’s fl avor gets concentrated. This fact allows selling the meat at a price higher than the original, increasing the business profi ts. MEAT-AGER is Fagor’s concept for dry aging and display that increases the value of each product (meat, salami, cheese) stored inside. The solution is based on a set of benefi ts.