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2022 Exhibitor Products


VESTA steam smoker

Vesta LLC Hall: Zabeel 3 Stand: Z3-130
  • VESTA steam smoker
  • VESTA steam smoker
VESTA steam smoker VESTA steam smoker
VESTA "STEAM SMOKER" is an independent equipment that can work on charcoal (wood) or gas (modification G - with a gas burner instead of a grill). STEAM SMOKER has a bath with water located above the heat source (charcoal grill or gas burner). The usage of water inside the smoker gives the following: – High humidity in the chamber, reducing product moisture loss. – A bath with water and mixture of steam and smoke evenly distribute the temperature throughout the chamber. - A quicker process of cooking in comparison with "dry" smoking. (The usage of technological process “steam smoking”) VESTA Steam Smoker automatically maintains the set temperature. The smoker is equipped with an electronic control unit and actuators for opening/closing air dampers. The temperature of the smoker is set on the electronic unit. When the smoker is connected to the water supply, the water level in the bath is maintained automatically using a level controlling device located in a separate container.


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