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Brewmac - Intelligent Bartending

Brewvend Automatic Vending Machines LLC Hall: Arena Plaza 2 Stand: AP-20
Brewmac is an AI enabled smart cocktail,mocktail,drinks dispenser and also a featured bartending technology solutions, that uses IOT and advanced machine learning algorithms to solve complex drink dispensing and mixing techniques. It is a breakthrough technology innovation from us, inspired from extensive research and development to solve the most common bartending problems. The core technology , functionality & AI behind Brewmac's operation can be customized as a solution to suit any level of bar and drinks automation operations. Brewmac is the first commercial bartending solution purpose build for managing & optimizing back bar operations by creating a harmonious working relation with the human bartender. Brewmac can also be a customer facing self vending solution for hotels, busy & crowded bars, restaurants , event venues where brewmac can interact with guests and staffs, handle payments , access cards and dispense drinks. Brewmac can directly influence cost and revenue by up to 30% by optimizing any existing bar operation " To know how, visit our online website calculator.