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Facem S.p.A. - Tre Spade Hall: Za'abeel Hall 3 Stand: Z3-C22
Dehydration is an ancient and natural way to prolong the preservation of foods while maintaining authentic fl avour. The elimination of water from food actually slows down the growth of microorganisms and preserves the organoleptic properties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, pasta, fi sh and meat over a long period of time.The most effective way for proper dehydration is to expose food to ventilated hot air, which speed and temperature must be appropriately adjusted. Atacama allows a controlled dehydrating process, completely graduable according to the type of food..All Atacama dehydrators have a horizontal air fl ow system that runs parallel to the drawers, reproducing the natural action of wind. This way air passes steadily and uniformly across all drawers, the lay of food does not obstruct the passage of air and it is therefore not necessary to reverse the order of drawers during dehydration.