Day 3 Highlights

  • Discount Sites, Online Ordering and Delivery – An Operators Overview– Panel Discussion 

Online discount sites like Groupon, Cobone, Kobonaty and The Entertainer all have clear benefits when it comes to marketing, but how does this impact your profit margins and how can you be sure you are achieving the right balance?

Discover how regional experts utilize third party marketing schemes and use this insight to power up your future promotions.

Standardization, right pricing, speed and quality can all pose challenges to operators looking to capitalize on the increasingly competitive online food delivery segment. Understand how the top performing restaurants do it best.

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  • Meeting Expectation – Franchisee and Franchisor– Panel Discussion 

The relationship between a Franchisee and Franchisor is like any marriage; conflict is inevitable.

Discover how the most successful franchise operations stay strong and acquire clearly defined strategies for lasting entrepreneurial collaboration.

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