06 - 08 April 2020    Dubai World Trade Centre

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GulfHost Restaurant Development Conference Agenda

  1. 30 mins
    As competition in the market intensifies, untapped opportunities in mid-market F&B are impacting the industry as a whole. With price continuing to play a significant role in attracting and retaining g ...
  1. 35 mins
    Thanks to OTA’s, social media and other digital developments, now everyone has the power to become a food critic.  As lifestyles, incomes and taste preferences change, how can businesses use technolog ...
  1. 40 mins
    Almost 1 year on, as data suggests that VAT implementation in UAE has not impaired sales, we discuss how pricing, marketing and supply chain strategies have addressed and absorbed the changes and how ...
  1. 35 mins
    What are the emerging business models in F&B.? Who is investing and why? Is the market saturated from an investment perspective? What are the typical payback periods? - Franchising vs. own concept; wh ...
  1. 30 mins
    Social influencers are part of the new media landscape. In UAE, recent licensing regulations are being welcomed as a necessary measure to ensure high standards that will in time attract new global inv ...
  1. 20 mins
    As the single most important demographic impacting your future in F&B, what do Millennials want and how can you deliver it?
  1. 35 mins
    Purpose, grit and a refusal to fail are just some of the qualities shared by our panel of inspirational leaders. Discover their journeys to the top, their personal visions for growth and hear the advi ...
  1. 35 mins
    As Saudi Arabia prepares to impose financial penalties on Foodservice outlets wasting high volumes of food, we look at real solutions being utilized throughout the industry. As a shared responsibility ...
  1. 20 mins
    Vegetarianism, flexitarianism, and organic formats are no longer news. This session puts the spotlight on newer, more radical and lesser known food trends that are coming to a table near you.
  1. 20 mins
    An insight into cutting edge digital solutions being utilized to increase customer acquisition.  From advanced data analytics software that improves your customer's dining experience, to digital inven ...
  1. 35 mins
    What exactly is organic? As a term that is widely used to convey health and environmental positives, this session looks at the many variables. How can the industry recognise authentic produce and deco ...

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