Day 1 Highlights

  • Criteria for New Market Entry– Keynote 

As any seasoned restaurateur will tell you, opening a restaurant can never be about the money. It requires a great deal of passion, perseverance & patience.

Engage with the modern strategies of successful restaurateurs and be privy to short yet powerful case studies that will help to shape your own startup for the highest chance of success.

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  • Entering the Business – Pure Gut Feel Vs Full Fledged Market Research– Panel Discussion 

This discussion invites F&B players seeking ways to strategize, firm up their marketing plans and improve long-term budget forecasting.

Contributors will discuss the importance of market research for acquiring essential insight into competitive landscapes and target audiences.

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  • Own Concept Vs Acquiring a Franchise – Taking that Call – Panel Discussion 

One of the main reasons restaurant franchises are so popular is that they are turn-key ready. The kitchen layout, dining interior, menu and even the marketing campaign are project-managed by the parent company.

Starting your own concept gives you the opportunity to breathe life into your own ideas – yet it comes with its own challenges, including selecting, training and retaining staff and creating unique, yet standardized service procedures.

Take part in this active debate that explores the pros and cons of ready-built brand recognition versus independent market entry conceived from the ground up.

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  • Establishing a “New” Brand –Panel Discussion 

What lies at the heart of a successful brand?  Established restaurateurs share their stories relating to location, theme, menu, staff recruitment, and marketing.

The first and most common threat to establishing a new restaurant is underestimating the start-up capital required. Most new brands have to wait several months or years to turn a good profit, and even established restaurant owners can undergo significant fiscal pressures, particularly during the hospitality low seasons.

Discover tried and tested methods & models for safeguarding your new business venture in the face of uneven financial terrain.

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